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How to create a report on the development of the client's case in psychological couns
1. Ensuring the achievement of the main and subsidiary objectives so that the counseling work has logical objectives that are achieved at the end of each counseling phase. The psychological counselor sets a set of plans and major and subsidiary objectives that he achieves at the end of each phase or each counseling week, where he performs during the counseling interview The first is to write a report that includes the main details related to the client’s personality and personality type, the most prominent observations that have been observed, whether his personality tends to be disciplined, and whether it is possible to get rid of the psychological problem he suffers from in a short, medium or long period.

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2. Ensuring the development of the counselor’s condition and his response to the counseling process The counselor must from time to time prepare a detailed report in which he explains all the updates and developments that accompanied the counselor’s personality while undergoing the counseling process, and during this report the counselor mentions what the counselor should do before undergoing the operation. The guidelines and the most prominent negative notes that were documented, and the extent of

The indicative situation develops during the implementation of the indicative plan, and in each report that the guide writes, he mentions a set of positive or negative details and mentions through the report the most prominent dilemmas encountered during the implementation of the indicative plan. 3. Mentioning some recommendations and caveats The psychological counselor, through the reports that he prepares, mentions some of the recommendations that he observes during the course of the counseling process. He also talks about some of the expected warnings that may occur in the future to the counsellor’s personality, and also mentions the extent of the counsellor’s danger to himself and to society. surroundings in general, and what are the most prominent future recommendations and requirements for the success of the guiding process.

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