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Full Version: Safe weight loss tips that ensure you lose kilos with consistent results
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The first trend always to lose weight depends on reducing the calories that are supplied to the body, because eating fewer calories than the body needs will push it to consume its stock, which means weight loss.

But the relationship of reducing calories and losing weight is not a linear relationship. In the beginning, the rate of loss is large, but it decreases with time, because the body loses with weight carbohydrates - proteins - water - vitamins - minerals and others. Therefore, in order to lose weight constantly, it is necessary to reduce calories gradually .

And the same amount of calories doesn't work in the same way, for example, 100 calories of broccoli (which can amount to even a very large bowl of broccoli) is completely different than 100 calories of peanut butter (which doesn't exceed one tablespoon of butter).

Thus, the main key that you have to rely on is choosing low-calorie foods that will give you long-term satiety.
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9 - Cut the carbohydrate ring
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Here is the story of carbohydrates in the body: you eat carbohydrates (bread - pasta - potatoes - rice - pastries....) and glucose enters the bloodstream, meaning the level of sugar rises, and here begins the role of insulin, which works to restore blood sugar balance by preventing the body from obtaining energy from fat cells, but rather makes it burn sugar and consume it, and here two things will happen:

The first is that if your meal contains fats, these fats will be stored directly without there being a chance to burn them because sugars are now the source of energy.
And because the body consumes sugars (with the role of fats inhibiting) it naturally needs more energy (carbs) and therefore you will crave more of them and you will eat extra amounts and get caught in a vicious cycle of addiction to carbohydrates and sugars and you will gain more weight.
Thus, the second key to losing weight is to break the carbohydrate cycle by limiting it and focus on eating protein and healthy fats (fish) and relying on plant sources of protein.
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